Escape 2 App Reviews

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Awaiting Refund, Broken Features & Empty Promises

There’s a lot of things I like about the concept of this app. Unfortunately, because of the broken features (like unable to recognize Messages and other apps) I had to discontinue use but the developer offered a refund if we emailed him with our concern. He has not gotten back to the few of us that already requested one. I’d love to modify this review if the app is fixed or I receive my refund..

Simply not accurate. Save your money

It would tell me that I was on Gmail 48x for 12 minutes… even though I know that I spent hours on it. It simply could not track time spent on any of the sites accurately. It told me I only spent 1 hour on the web yesterday between gmail, reddit, linkedin and youtube. Either I blacked out for the other 11 hours of the day and napped at my computer or this programs calculations were wrong. Uninstalled today. Wish I didn’t spend $10 bucks on it

Does not even open. This is simply ridiculous.

I am want my money back. The app does not even open.

Doesn’t load, developers don’t respond

I downloaded this application and as a longtime user of Escape 1 was pretty excited. Instead, the application didn’t work at all. I’ve tried reaching support and they have not responded. Literally $10 down the drain.

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